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73 Examples of Neglect for Small Business

American Management Services, IncPress Release73 Examples of Neglect for Small Business

ORLANDO, FL — October 26, 2012 — Over the course of three presidential and one vice-presidential debate, “small business” was referred to at least 73 times. Let me re-state this… 73 times in just four debates, one of our candidates referenced small businesses as the key to our economic growth; the key to creating jobs in America; key to prosperity, etc. And we thought they were clueless.

Guess how many times any candidate has offered one specific on how to assist small businesses? You are correct, that answer is zero! How can this be acceptable?

The American people may presume our candidates are expressing concern for small businesses in America when they say “we have to champion small business”, but we ask ourselves if small business is so important why was it mentioned (more times than Libya, more times than the Middle East, Israel, Wall Street and unemployment,) without specifics on how either party is going to help?

Why isn’t there a true Small Business Czar holding a cabinet position? While we are not in favor of more federal bureaucracy what could be more important? Why aren’t SBA programs expanded to assist more small business owners? Why aren’t commercial banks who took bailout money forced to double and triple their small business lending?

Over the past three weeks and four debates I have witnessed at least 73 examples of neglect for small business. It’s no wonder and I quote “over the last four years, small business people have decided that America may not be the place to open a new business because new business start-ups are down to a 30-year low.” It’s no wonder with over 400 regulations potentially impacting small business that many have thrown in the towel. Sadly, neither candidate has a real plan in place for helping small businesses.

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