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Burnout Is No Excuse For Not Leading Your Company

Burnout Is No Excuse For Not Leading Your Company For years I’ve heard the term “burnout” thrown around. I hear it from employees, but worse than that, from owners! Articles that preach “steps” and “strategi ...


The New Administration Needs To
Do More To Help Business Owners

The nation’s small business owners are abuzz as the new Administration moves into the White House. With President Donald Trump’s emphasis on expanding the economy by promoting business within the United States, many ...


Don't Be Taken Hostage! Protect Your Customer Base Now.

Don't Be Taken Hostage! Protect Your Customer Base Now. A few years ago, a client of ours was being held hostage by their sales representatives. Demanding a higher commission structure and raises, the sales reps were th ...


In Business, Always Eat Your Vegetables First

Remember when mom would tell you to “eat your vegetables” at dinner? The same logic applies to managing your business. “Eating your vegetables first” means that you must focus on your least favorable tasks fir ...


Never Put Pride Before Profits

Pride is an indispensable attribute for any business owner. At its best it comes out in an owner’s satisfaction about delivering quality work and services, creating a positive reputation for their company, and most imp ...


How Does A Small Business Keep Profits Up?

How does a small business keep profits up? It's all about having a clear financial AND operational plan. Let’s take a look at this case study: Here's a business that's been losing money by the fistful even though ...


Do You Have a Real Plan,
or is it All in Your Head?

Owners always say they have a plan. If you do have a business plan, when was the last time it was reviewed or modified? Or is it still in your head, never having seen the light of day? Most companies prepare a budget ope ...

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Accountability in a Family Business

People have often said my philosophies and principles can sometimes sound draconian. Everything I teach and implement for our clients is said with the sole intent of implementing quality of life and profitability for own ...


Your Business: Should You Run It As A Dictatorship, Or A Democracy?

Most of the business owners I’ve met don’t want to be jerks to their employees. They want to be fair and reasonable. But it is possible to go too far. Some business owners try so hard to be friends with their employe ...


How Not To Use A Line Of Credit

Many small business owners think of a line of credit as if it were their own money. It’s not. It can be a great tool, but it can also get you into trouble if you don’t know when to shut off the spigot. Forbes contrib ...

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