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Increasing Sales By Evaluating Your Marketing Strategy

To me, sales is about people, accountability, executing on time, discipline, protecting margins, and it’s about having a plan that evolves constantly. It’s no secret that everyone wants to increase sales, but most la ...

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Does Your Lender Earn Your Business Every Day?

If you are in need of new credit or re-financing for your business, stop, and really consider what the lenders are offering you. Money is a commodity, and lenders should have to earn the right to present their commodity ...

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Working From Home: Don't Allow It

Recently IBM announced that it was cracking down on its work-from-home program, which for decades had allowed thousands of employees to work from the comfort of their homes. This crackdown now forces many employees from ...

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Disregard Your Financials: Cash Is All That Matters!

I had a contractor client once, who built relatively low-end homes, and whose revenue had dropped from $300 million a year, to $60 million. Despite the substantial drop in revenue, he still appeared to be profitable even ...

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Finding and Retaining Winners In Your Business

Do you think anyone would give a damn about folks like LeBron James and Michael Jordan if they were not proficient at winning? Would anyone care if they arrived early to every practice, put in the extra effort, had a gre ...


Your Business Depends on Net Neutrality

From paying more to losing potential clients, here’s why Net Neutrality is so important. As a business owner, you look at different things based on how it will affect you, your customers, and your business. Today is N ...

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Before You Take On A Business Partner, Read This!

Business Partnerships suck, don’t do them. As blunt as that statement might be, it’s a fact that once you’ve brought outside individuals into your business, whether they be family or other, you are begging for pro ...

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Time Management: Tackling Your Biggest Problems First

Time Management: Tackling Your Biggest Problems First When it comes to running and operating your business, you need to get your mind in the right mode. Think of it like eating your vegetables first before digging ...

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Finding Good People: Are You Offering A Job, Or A Career?

Finding Good People: Are You Offering A Job, Or A Career? To the business owner wondering why they can’t find the “Right person” for a position on their staff; try looking at your business through the eyes of your ...

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Sales Team Management: You're Being Too Nice

Sales Team Management: You're Being Too Nice Effective sales team management requires motivation, accountability, and protecting the intellectual property of your business. If you're not feeling good about the results f ...

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