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Are Your Kids Ready To Run The Family Business?

If you’re like many business owners, you are probably planning on someday transitioning ownership of your business to your kids. I’ll give you one simple bit of advice: DON’T DO IT! They won’t work like you, ...

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How To Start Fighting The Effects Of Rising Interest Rates, By Paying Down Debt

Every business owner knows that cash is king, but many seem to forget (or turn a blind eye towards) some of the external forces that are drastically impacting those precious dollars in the bank. As interest rates continu ...

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Five Tips To Help Retailers Develop A Digital Media Marketing Plan

Big-box retailers have been closing up shop for years now. You shouldn’t have to follow in the footsteps of a Sears or K-Mart but devising a digital marketing plan for your small retailer can be lucrative. During 2016 ...

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Saving Your Retail Business From The Chopping Block

This week, U.S. retailers across the nation have headed into the most dreaded month of the year, for their industry. January is “peak season for bankruptcy filings,” based on data compiled by Bloomberg Intelligence, ...


How To Make 2018 Your Most Profitable Year Ever

2018 is finally here folks, and as you begin aligning your staff, resources and strategies for another year of success, I challenge you to focus yourself on making this year your most profitable one ever! It’s no se ...

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Do You Respect What You See In the Mirror?

When was the last time you, as the owner of your business, looked at yourself in the mirror? Many owners don’t, and have become complacent as a result.  We call this Dumb, Fat & Happy (DFH  Syndrome), and here’ ...

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Failure Is Not A "Lesson Learned," It Is An Excuse

The phrase “You have to fail, to succeed,” has been a powerful motivator for some, and I fear a hindering crutch for millions of people who have lost sight of success. Here’s why successful business owners should n ...

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Forget Your Business For A Minute. What Do You Really Want To Accomplish?

Building and creating wealth, driving revenue, being a successful businessman or woman—that’s all-important, and I’m a firm believer in that, but every owner needs a purpose in life (The ultimate bucket!). Own ...

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Complacent Leadership Might Be Killing Your Business

Years ago I was working with a commercial printer that was doing about $16 to $17 million dollars a year, and run by three siblings. Though the business was never extraordinarily profitable, they were usually making a de ...

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Start Driving Extraordinary Results, With A Fine-Tuned Agenda

n the New York Times Best Seller, “Profits Aren't Everything, They're the Only Thing,” one of the chapters is titled “Eat Your Vegetables First.” It’s a subject we've talked about in prior blogs, and when boile ...

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