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Saving Your Retail Business From The Chopping Block

24.01.2018 admin Business Retail

This week, U.S. retailers across the nation have headed into the most dreaded month of the year, for their industry. January is “peak season for bankruptcy filings,” based on data compiled by Bloomberg Intelligence, dating as far back as 1981. With Kmart and Sears announcing the closure of 103 stores nationwide, and Toys R’ Us hiring liquidation advisers in

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Meilner Mechanical Sales, Inc. (Boilersource)

Dear Mr. Cloutier: We wish to thank you for the assistance and guidance that has been provided by American Management Services, Inc. in installing systems of organization and controls that are already making us a better Company. Prior to the arrival of your consultants, the Group Manager, Robert Hawkins and the Senior Consultant, Jack McGovern,

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Susquehanna Valley Harley-Davidson

Dear Mr. Cloutier, Susquehanna Harley Davidson is a family owned business with more than 10 years’ experience selling and servicing Harley Davidson motorcycles. While we are experts in helping our customers with the right motorcycle and accessories for their riding enjoyment, we felt we needed to become more proficient in developing and operating our business

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How To Make 2018 Your Most Profitable Year Ever

17.01.2018 admin Business

2018 is finally here folks, and as you begin aligning your staff, resources and strategies for another year of success, I challenge you to focus yourself on making this year your most profitable one ever! It’s no secret that I am a firm believer in the importance of having a living, breathing business plan attached to every

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Do You Respect What You See In the Mirror?

When was the last time you, as the owner of your business, looked at yourself in the mirror? Many owners don’t, and have become complacent as a result.  We call this Dumb, Fat & Happy (DFH  Syndrome), and here’s why. Every day we here at American Management Services talk to hundreds of business owners, and every day

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