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Barbosa Cabinets, Inc.

Barbosa Cabinets, Inc. 

Barbosa Cabinets, Inc. Testimonial Featured ImageThe consulting work by American Management Services for Barbosa Cabinets this year included:

Helping us “right the ship” when that was the most important thing to do in the worst part of our business cycle, leading the analysis and implementation of lowering our labor costs and negotiating payment plans with our vendors to give us breathing room by conserving cash. These steps were successful and guve us the breathing room we needed to get to the business cycle upswing.

Your primary consultant for us, Steve Mullins, worked primarily in new processes and training in the installation , service and project management departments that made a positive bottom line impact on indirect costs, as well as material changes and optimization. All combined , this resulted in cost improvements that has improved margins. For example, our YTD Gross Profit is 3.3% higher compared to same period last year even on lower volume, and our August Net Operating Income was 3.5% higher than last August even with 10% lower volume.

Your consultant was thorough, persistent and did not give up forcing the changes needed in people and processes even when many of our middle management resisted and fought change. We had to replace several people during this process and Steve assisted in recruiting and hiring several key positions, including Customer Service Manager, Installation Managers, Project Managers, Controller and a new Chief Operating Officer to take over and lead the company for us going forward to finish these changes.

We would positively recommend American Management Services based on our experience.

Ed & Ron Barbosa
Barbosa Cabinets Inc.
(209) 836-2501
2020 East Grant Line Road
Tracy, CA 95304

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