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Bothe Associates Inc.

“We have experienced an absolute transformation in the attitude and performance of the entire Senior Management Team.”

Bothe TestimonialWe would like to thank American Management Services for the assistance, education and guidance that you have provided. We now have systems and controls in place that were previously lacking. The result is that not only the Bothe family, but the Senior Management Team has seen a true transformation of our 63 year old company.

Our initial contact, Mr. Anthony Burruano, was very positive. We could see that there was light at the end of the tunnel we felt we were in after several years of declining performance as a company. Group Manager, David Corso helped get us to the start of the path through that tunnel in a way that made us feel we could get to the end.

However, it was Senior Consultant Robert Hawkens who had the most influence on our journey. He was never easy on us, but we understood we needed to face some harsh facts and allow ourselves to be open to the transformation. He provided the third generation family members (Laura Bothe and Paul Bothe) with no less than an MBA in our own business and the proper systems that need to be in place in managing a company in 2013.

Bob is a wonderful fit for any of your potential manufacturing clients. He was able to be the “outsider” who could clearly see where there were problems and how we here in our own company could turn them into opportunities. His overall knowledge of good processes and benchmarks gave us access to information we would otherwise have no way to get. We just can’t say enough about his guidance in this process.

Our expectations for return on our investments are anticipated to be $2, 574,000 over the next 3 years which is, of course, many times more than we have, or will be, spending with your company.

We have experienced an absolute transformation in the attitude and performance of the entire Senior Management Team. It permeates every part of we all know how to get to where we want to be. We are using the planning and operating systems Bob has led us to establishing and are seeing results. Our expectations

We look forward to our continuing association as the secondary phase of our relationship begins. We would be more than happy to have you use us as a reference for any potential new customers. In fact, we have recommended your company to our accountant and banker for their other clients.


Kent Bothe, CEO
Cathryn Bothe, President
Laura Bothe, Vice President
Paul Bothe, Vice President
Bothe Associates Inc.
(262) 656-1860
6901 46th Street
Kenosha, WI 53144

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