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Burnout Is No Excuse For Not Leading Your Company

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Burnout Is No Excuse For Not Leading Your Company

For years I’ve heard the term “burnout” thrown around. I hear it from employees, but worse than that, from owners! Articles that preach “steps” and “strategies” to avoid entrepreneurial burnout are a dime-a-dozen on the Internet. If you are an owner you have to reject this entire concept. In my opinion, burnout of any degree is the equivalent of B.S. at every degree.

Burnout equals excuses. It equals laziness, and it’s disguised as exhaustion from “working hard enough.” It means feeling complacency, or satisfaction with the success of your business. And it means giving up before the battle’s even begun.

It’s time to turn the excuse of feeling “burnt out” into a driving force in your personal and professional success. How do you make jet fuel out of burnout?

  • Never Say No. If you don’t have the time, or you don’t have the staffing power to deliver the products and solutions your clients need, then either make it happen by hiring more people or gaining more resources, or step aside so someone else can. Successful leaders never put limitations on what they can do.
  • Sleep When You’re Dead. If you are a dedicated owner, pulling 12+ hour workdays, seven days a week, but still struggling to provide deliverables and drive profits, the hard fact is you’ll need to sacrifice even more personal time to achieve success.You need time to breathe though, everyone does, but family time, exercise, meditation or even taking a walk to clear your head, have to fit around your work schedule, not the other way around.
  • Lead by Example. When your staff sees that you’re stressed out and struggling to drive results, it takes a toll on office morale and productivity. Successful owners lead by example, and that means always being on your game. Make sure that your employees see that when times get tough, you keep positive and get tougher. Not only will they become more productive, they’ll also respect you more.
  • Pick Your Battles. Are tasks piling up on your desk, and you don’t know what to focus on first? Take a step back, and write out a list of what needs to be accomplished throughout the day. I always recommend placing your undesirables at the top of your morning routine, so the rest of your day can be spent attacking what interests you most. Read my Forbes article “How Successful Small Business Owners Start Their Mornings,” http://bit.ly/2jBTPRl for more information.
  • Keep a Schedule. You don’t have to write out your schedule to the absolute second, but you have to be in control of your time. Master it, and develop a plan of attack for your weekly and monthly tasks.Buy a yearly schedule book, or download a scheduling app for your tablet or phone (I recommend Fanstical 2 for iOS), and train yourself use of it. Being a successful owner means leading a life of controlled chaos, so it’s best to have things written out.

It’s time owners delete the word “burnout” from their vocabulary. If they can’t, they should dig ditches to know what it really means.

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