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Safe Relationship Building With Big Box Stores

18.10.2017 admin Business Retail

Years ago, I was working with a distributor who, after years of hard work, had finally aligned their business with a big box store. This move was supposed to represent the next evolution of their business, bringing with it enormous gains and profits, but three years later they were on the verge of losing their

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Location, Location, Location…And More Business Wisdom For Restaurant Owners

In my Forbes article, “Four Key Areas To Improving Your Restaurant,” I discussed the necessities of portion-control, reducing food costs, training staff, and proper employee scheduling as essential areas of focus, when running a successful restaurant business. As independent restaurants continue to struggle for success and making a mark in their local communities, I thought

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Why Business Owners Should Never Let Ego Stand In The Way of Profits

Years ago, I had a manufacturing client who had been struggling to make ends meet for quite some time. Ownership of the business was in a state of flux, shifting authority from the founder to the son, productivity and output were on a decline, and profits were falling short at a steady pace. Employee morale

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Why Business Owners Need A Relationship-Selling Strategy

In a world of Face-Snaps, Twitter-Books and Insta-Whatever’s, digital marketing has taken center stage in how businesses are communicating with, and reaching out to, their potential and established client base.

What Business Owners Really Need To Know About Succession Planning

People become the owner of a business for a variety of reasons. Though some inherit the business from their parents, or grandparents, many go into business for a simple reason: They want to be independent. The belief that they can do things better than everyone else, the allure of freedom, and the determination to build

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Fake News Hurts Small Business

Here’s a fact: fake news is everywhere.  There isn’t a reputable news source out there distributing information with an objective, unbiased voice. It just doesn’t exist anymore. Where are the Cronkites, the Huntleys, the Brinkleys? In this frayed political climate, fake news seems to be at the very top of every discussion; it’s almost inescapable.

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Bankruptcy: Stick A Fork In It, You’re Done

In all my years working for American Management Services, I’ve only ever seen two clients that were so far gone, that we suggested they file for bankruptcy. For both clients, we had a restructuring plan which included preapproval and support from their banks, we negotiated debtor-in-possession funding, and we got one of them $10 million in

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Increasing Sales By Evaluating Your Marketing Strategy

To me, sales is about people, accountability, executing on time, discipline, protecting margins, and it’s about having a plan that evolves constantly. It’s no secret that everyone wants to increase sales, but most lack the focus and discipline to achieve their goals consistently. The majority of business owners don’t seem to understand that there’s a

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