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Central Precision, INC.

Central Precision, INC.

“Thanks again for getting us on track and we look forward to the future with the concepts put in place by your consultants.”

We want to thank you for providing us with the tools to change our company. The consulting team has shown us that we needed to organize in a different way to be more profitable. We need to control the company better if we are to get the results we want.

After more than 20 years in the business, we find that we are working hard but not making the money we should. Central Precision has seen a change in our cash position shrink over the last few years. Consecutive losses have put the company in a position of weak cash flow, diminished salary, losses, and high risk. Coupled with the overall business climate, these factors contribute greatly to the overall decline of business. This is where your consultants have shown us that a different structure was needed.

Your consultants, Group Manager, Bob Lamp and the Senior Consultant, Ron Brady have addressed several areas of our operations. We are now using a cash forecasting system with a flash report so we can see what is happening on the business, even if we are not here. We have instituted a pre-determined profit plan. We have reduced the labor force to match the sales level. We have restricted overtime as much as possible. Very importantly, we have defined our duties and organized our efforts. An incentive plan is designed to motivate the employees to generate more profits. We expect a return of over $2.6 million over a three year period from these actions.

We look forward to the monitoring phase and seeing the results take place. We would recommend the services of American Management Services, Inc. to a company that wants to improve their operations and realize more profits.

Thanks again for getting us on track and we look forward to the future with the concepts put in place by your consultants.

Dennis Weaver, President
Central Precision, Inc.
(301) 797-4800
20823 San Mar Road
Boonsboro, MD 21713

Central Precision, Inc
Central Precision, Inc

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