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Finding and Retaining Winners In Your Business

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Do you think anyone would give a damn about folks like LeBron James and Michael Jordan if they were not proficient at winning? Would anyone care if they arrived early to every practice, put in the extra effort, had a great attitude, and were “team players,” if they weren’t winners? No one would care!

The same logic applies to your business, and the staff you are operating. You need winners to be successful, and you need measurements for their success. Here are some tips on finding, measuring, and retaining your winning team:

  • Finding the Winners. If they’re not the ultimate closer, finisher, “Person who can get the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed,” who cares how well they work, and where their loyalties lie? A successful hiring strategy begins with finding the people who stand out in the interview process. Look for the individuals who are natural leaders in their field, will roll up their sleeves and get to work.Don’t be afraid to bring someone in on a temporary basis. Try them out for a few months, and see how the acclimate to your office. Their efforts need to quickly appear in the balance sheet, in the income statement, and in the checkbook.If they’re not appearing in the balance sheet, the income statement and the checkbook, then it’s a waste of time! The winners will always stand out in your analytics reports; watch for them.
  • Measure Wins and Losses. In my office we use metrics for every department, to monitor and track how we are doing at any given moment, and I review these results daily. It’s a revealing process that shows us exactly how each department member is doing, and where my winning players are positioned.Though there’s a plethora of options when it comes to monitoring the results of your team, I recommend using a simple Excel spreadsheet for carrying out the broad review of results, and then have your staff write out their own analytics reports that include details on milestones, progress made, and expected challenges to come (with solutions). Hold them accountable to their numbers.
  • Extraordinary Results Yield Extraordinary Rewards. How are you compensating your people for going above and beyond in your business? If you think giving a simple pat on the back and a “Good job, see you tomorrow,” will get the most out of your people, you are a fool, and it’s why company loyalty is nearly non-existent these days.When your staff recognizes that their paycheck is directly impacted by the amount of success they have, the winners will start putting in even more effort, and do everything they can to add an extra digit to their paycheck. Let your people know today, that if they deliver extraordinary results, they will be compensated extraordinarily.

If you are managing a lackluster team, you are guaranteed to generate lackluster results. It’s up to you as the owner or manager, to recognize and retain your winners, and recondition, retrain, re-position or retire the rest.

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