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Horsepower Site Services, LLC

Horsepower Site Services, LLC

The survey and management consulting project conducted by your team at American Management Services has postured our company for a very bright future. Your consultant, Jim Linkenauger, helped us implement and plan the implementation of initiatives that we expect to return in excess of $3,000,000 over the next three years. This far exceeds the cost of the project.

Horsepower Site Services finds itself in a very challenging and competitive market. Your consulting team helped us implement significant improvements by structuring our organization to sustain growth and allow me to delegate some of my day-to-day project management responsibilities.

We improved our bidding process, basing bids on estimated cost. This gives us more consistent results and the ability to compare our estimates to actual performance. These improvements will position the company to prevail on more future bids.

Among the more significant initiatives your team implemented during the project was an improvement to our project management process. This involved major enhancements to project planning, reporting, costing and efficiency reporting, as well as establishing accountability. Our project managers and field personnel are now able to focus on project performance instead of project administration.

We refined and improved our job costing processes and reporting. This will allow us to manage our projects more profitably and provide more accurate financial reporting.

We designed a Pay for Performance plan that we tailored to meet specific objectives. This plan will be instrumental in motivating our key employees to focus on profit objectives. This Pay for Performance plan was coordinated with our operating budget to provide profitability targets.

Your consultants, Jim Linkenauger and David Corso handled themselves very professionally and they were able to find solutions to many difficult situations and problems during the project.

We would be glad to recommend your consulting team of Jim Linkenauger and David Corso and American Management Services to prospective clients.

Ryan Hamrick, Owner
Horsepower Site Services, LLC
338 South Sharon Amity Road, Private Mailbox 417
Charlotte, NC 28211

Testimonial from Horsepower Site Services for American Management Services

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