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“Your company delivered as promised, all the while keeping us informed and constantly driving us forward.”

Ignarri-Lummis Architects testimonialWe would like to express our appreciation and satisfaction for the work performed by American Management Services, and in particular by your Group Manager and Senior Consultant Jon Tyner.

From the onset of the consulting engagement with American Management Services, Jon inserted himself into every facet of our operation. We were especially pleased with the respect he exhibited for our existing programs, process and personnel while at the same time identifying and driving the needed changes and improvements. The balance he maintained between these two contributed greatly to the success of the project.

The needed changes and upgrades to our project and client management areas was the critical first step in this project. This is the core of our business and the immediate actions taken set the stage for the rest of the project. As the other programs were identified and implemented the organization was continually strengthened. Especially important was the clarification of the basic organizational structure and the roles and responsibilities of our key financial metrics and the ability for timely actions. Gaining control of our sales and client management processes was also needed. The establishment of Pay for Performance program will assist us in aligning the efforts of our workforce with the priorities of the company and reward those employees that contribute directly to the success of the company.

These, along with all the other programs will have a significant, and long lasting, impact on our business. We expect that our investment in American Management Services will more than pay for itself in a short time through increased profits, resulting from us having better tools and processes for managing our business.

Your company delivered as promised, all the while keeping us informed and constantly driving us forward. We would recommend American Management Services to other similar businesses seeking to strengthen their operations in order to maximize growth and profits.

Very truly yours,

David N. Lummis, AIA Principal
Ignarri-Lummis Architects, LLP
(856) 428-8877
601 Chapel Ave. East
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

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