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The outlook for the construction and contracting services is looking bright. With an expected growth of 6%, reaching a value of $712 billion, the demand for more complex projects that are completed faster and more cost-efficiently is already at an all-time high.

Construction and contracting services - business management consultingTo meet this increasing demand, many in the construction field are struggling to find skilled laborers, manage their existing labor, protect margins, and complete projects on time while still developing their business. As a result, businesses can often find that a lack of internal controls can result in cost over-runs, missed change orders, excessive overtime and lost profits.

Since 1986, the Business Management and Development Professionals of American Management Services have worked closely with all types of contractors, and understand the unique struggles that are particular to their field. With an emphasis on “Pay When Paid” cash-flow, improving processes, driving on-time performance, capturing change orders and maximizing labor utilization, American Management Services has helped guide clients to increased profitability and cash flow.

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