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Successful Auto, RV, Bus, Motorcycle, ATV/UTV and Boat Dealership Business Management Consulting

The new and used auto, RV, bus, motorcycle, ATV/UTV and boat dealership industries have seen a resurgence in sales opportunities, post-recession. As the industry continues to improve, a service-oriented generation of consumers are demanding a higher-quality buying experience that includes competitive pricing, convenience, stress free sales environments, friendly team members, and most of all that they be treated politely and professionally.

Dealership Business Consulting with American Management Services aims to assist owners with driving sales and cash flow back into their dealership businessesAs the primary representation of your dealership, a well-trained team of managers and personnel is an essential element to increasing sales and customer satisfaction. We have discovered that this most obvious necessity is often overlooked by many of the dealerships we’ve assessed. By analyzing the current staff, improving product and operational education, and developing a strategy for building a more successful team, the dealership professionals of American Management Services have increased sales and helped establish a positive brand-consumer relationship for our clients.

Though dealerships do not control the quality of the products they sell, they do carry the essential task of inventory control and customer service. With ever-shifting demands for products, parts and services, having a well-planned and managed process of inventory control measures in place is essential to product and process management.

The goal of American Management Services is to assist owners with driving sales and cash flow back into their dealership businesses, while improving their relationships with their manufacturers and customers.

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