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Transportation and Trucking business consulting with American Management ServicesWith a focus on safety, efficiency and speed, the transportation and trucking industry is the driving force of the American Economy. Success in this competitive market is based solely on the delivery of goods and people to a destination on, or before, an expected arrival date and time.

Because this industry relies so heavily upon proper time management, recruiting, training and retention of qualified employees, balancing of equipment costs and maintenance, and reducing the cost per mile and per load, effective management is an unquestionable necessity to success.

As an industry that is also greatly impacted by the cost of fuel, many owners develop a false sense of security from the availability of “cheap” fuel. This can often become a fatal mistake, as these costs continue to fluctuate.

The business management and improvement professionals of American Management Services carry over thirty years of experience in providing effective guidance to the transportation and trucking industry, aiding in increased employee performance, reduction in “Dead time,” the planning for fluctuating costs, and building on improved company-customer relationships.

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