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“I feel confident moving forward with our plans to achieve the profit goals we defined at the beginning of the project.”

InterTest Reference LetterI just wanted to thank you for the services American Management performed for us at InterTest Inc. Our company has tried to create the infrastructure needed to grow and we were struggling to achieve our full potential. We had started some initiatives with other consulting firms but had not been able to fully synthesize these efforts into effective management systems that ensured profit. We were hoping that working with American Management Services would help us develop and institutionalize the management systems needed to lock in profits as we grow.

As we are completing our engagement I feel confident moving forward with our plans to achieve the profit goals we defined at the beginning of the project. We are finalizing and implementing the much needed process improvements in all of the critical areas of company including financial, organizational and operational.

David Corso, the Group Manager, was instrumental in identifying opportunities to improve our financial analysis of the business by showing us different ways to break down labor costs on jobs. His insights and guidance on monitoring results versus estimates were important to establishing job monitoring processes that identify improvement opportunities that we are actively pursuing.

Andy Scirri, the Senior Consultant, helped us understand the tracking and management of gross margin through the implementation of flash reports and the generation of a Plan for Profit forecast. He worked well with the organization and developed and assisted in implementing critical management systems including the Targeted Development process and Sales Planning and Management system that will help grow the company. He also provided mentorship and coaching to the executive team as we implemented these changes.

With the help of American Management Services we are on pace to improve our profits substantially this year alone and to exceed the $1,850,000 three year project ROI.

Based on my recent success with American Management Services I would highly recommend your services to other business leaders. Thanks again.

Bill Habermann, President/Owner
InterTest, Inc.
(908) 496-8008
303 Route 94
Columbia, NJ 07832

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