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Joval Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Joval Manufacturing Testimonial PageOn behalf of Joval Manufacturing Co., Inc., we want to thank American Management Services, Inc. (AMS) and Colin Chin and Mike Lockey In the completion of the improvement program with our company. Specifically, Colin Chin, for providing the necessary management guidance and assistance that enabled us to redirect our focus toward implementing significant operational changes within our business and, thereby, improving the operations of our company, Implementing improved business management procedures and practices, Improving our profit performance and positioning our company to proactively manage the factors that had led us to inconsistent performance In the past. For the last few years, our company has been typified by hard work and addressing issues as they arose. While we had a dedicated staff, we needed to understand how to better analyze the operations of our company and gain business tools that would enable us to make better tactical and strategic decisions as a management team.

Colin understood what was required and immediately worked to develop an approach to improving our business, yet being appropriately sensitive to the nuances and unique characteristics Joval Manufacturing historyof a business that at its fundamental core, is an extended family business. Colin in particular, provided much guidance and business counsel addressing many issues that required a balanced understanding of good business practices and family business heeds. He worked with us to implement organizational changes and developed new procedures to establish clear lines of accountability; provided essential business management tools and processes; and provided production management processes to ensure appropriate gross margins are attained; and developed a “Predetermined Profit Plan” model that will keep us on track to achieve our established goals.

We have begun implementing recommendations that will yield us increased profitability and attendant cash flow aggregating to $1,368,069 over the next three years. Though the full implementation of the program is challenged by on-going personnel issues out of the control of Colin and our Company, it is evident to us, that upon stabilization of the personnel turn-over issues, we should see the full benefits of the program. Where the economic conditions may result in a reduction in our sales, our company is positioned to maintain a relative positive profit performance level.

We are pleased to recommend American Management Services to any company seeking to strengthen its operations to maximize growth and profits.

John Valenza Jr. & Barry Hays
Owners, Executive Officers
Joval Manufacturing Company, Inc. 
(504) 835-7247
120 Iris Avenue
Jefferson, LA 70181

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