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Kennebec Pharmacy and Home Care

Kennebec Pharmacy and Home Care

I just wanted to thank you for the services American Management performed for me at Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care. As you know I had used AMS in the early nineties with great success. Shortly after opening my first business I hired AMS to assist me in learning what was needed to run a small business. I took the instruction to heart and in two years had three more businesses operational! Subsequently, three years later two of my businesses were acquired by larger companies and I was able to enjoy a comfortable life style and watch my two young daughters grow into adults.

Fast forward 15 years and I recently became fully engaged in my only existing business. The company is more complex than my prior companies as we have both established business units and new businesses. Much to my chagrin all of the operational processes which were incorporated in the nineties had fallen by the wayside. Not to mention the fact that my operational skills set had deteriorated as well. I clearly needed some continuing education to get my business back on track and ready to expand. So I was pleasantly surprised to see AMS was still in existence! I was hoping to be able to duplicate the results of my prior engagement with AMS.

As we are nearing completion of my second engagement with AMS I feel confident moving forward with my plans to achieve the profit goals we defined at the beginning of the project. I believe I have received the necessary continuing education from AMS and am excited to move forward. We are finalizing and implementing the much needed process improvements in all of the critical areas of company including financial, organizational and operational.

Herb Bachelder, the Group Manager, was instrumental in identifying weaknesses in the formatting and monitoring of our financial statements and reformatting the reports to provide our managers with useful information. He also identified our need for a controller early in the process and we have recently hired a candidate to help us better manage our finances as we grow.

Andy Scirri, the senior Consultant, is to be complemented on his business and interpersonal communication skills. His demeanor was ideal for working with the employees in my company. He was able to put them at ease and accomplish the goals we had defined for establishing a pro forma budget across 12 business units, instituting a process for skills based training, and helping us establish operational reports and KPIs across all our business units. In addition he helped us work through our business strategy and sales management systems to monitor sales activity and results. I would strongly recommend Andy to anyone who is looking for business consultative services and I will always appreciate his assistance and friendship. He is our first honorary employee!

Based on my past and recent success with American Management Services I would highly recommend their services to other business leaders. Thanks again.

Michael S Nowak, President/Owner
Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care
(207) 626-2726
43 Leighton Road
Augusta, Maine 04330

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