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Are You Listening To Your Customers And Staff?

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Are You Listening To Your Customers And Staff?

Do you have your ear to the ground, or your head in a hole? If you’re not listening to your customers and staff, you might be setting yourself up for disaster.

Are you listening to your customers and staff?When was the last time you gave someone, whether they be a customer or an employee, your undivided attention, and listened to what they are telling you?

As an owner, you are surrounded by noise, whether it be external or internal, and it can sometimes be a struggle to stop speaking and giving direction, and actually listen to what’s being said in your office. Not only can it make a dramatic impact on how you are perceived as a leader, but it can also make a bigger impact on your wallet.

Years ago I was working with a client who was not listening to his staff. He and his three sons would yell, fight (physically), and berate each other in public. Time after time his employees would try to talk to the owner about the strain this type of activity was causing, and instead of “Listening” he would justify and defend the activity.

He was nurturing a toxic environment in his office, and had lost sight of how this was impacting his staff. Ultimately he came around to listening after four of his key folks walked out to start their own businesses, which are now competing directly against him.

Take a moment to think about the financial blow losing four key people like that can cause in your company. Not only have you lost the skills and resources you’ve cultivated in these employees, but you’ve also created four new competitors you now have to worry about.

Don’t change a thing. Keep talking, not listening, and risk everything… The choice is yours.

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