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Dear Mr. Cloutier:

We wish to thank you for the assistance and guidance that has been provided by American Management Services, Inc. in installing systems of organization and controls that are already making us a better Company.

Prior to the arrival of your consultants, the Group Manager, Robert Hawkins and the Senior Consultant, Jack McGovern, we were a Company that had achieved success in our industry but that had not integrated all of the disciplines necessary to allow us to preserve the gains that we had made over the years and to sustain us into the next generation.

American Management Services installed various systems in the areas of organizational structure, financial management, and overall operations management that have positioned us well for the future and that continue to be our standards of measurement and “management by fact” as we grow our Company.

Our expectations for return on our investment have been met, approximating $3,820,000 over a three year period, causing us to reap a benefit of several times over the investment we made in your fine company.

We look forward to our continuing association as the secondary phase of our relationship begins and we would like to state that we would certainly recommend the services of American Management Services, Inc. to any entrepreneur that is desirous of improving the operations in his enterprise and in positioning himself for the stability in this troubled market.

Thank you again for being our partner in profits and stability.



Tricia Fredrick, Chief Executive Officer

Boilersource, Meilner Mechanical Sales, Inc.

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