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Mid-America Taping and Reeling

I wish to commend your management consulting team at American Management Mid-America Taping and ReelingServices who, through a comprehensive project have postured my company for a very bright future. Your Senior Consultant, Jack Everson and Group Manager, Herb Bachelder helped me implement a strategic set of initiatives that I expect will return in excess of $2,200,000 over the next three years. This far exceeds the cost of the project.

Mid America Taping and Reeling finds itself in a very challenging and competitive market. Your consulting team helped us implement significant improvements by structuring our organization for sustainable growth and allowed me to delegate of the distracting day-to-day functions and instead focus on growing my company.

Prior to American Management coming to help my company, I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. I felt like I was losing control of my company, due to the shipments, wrong product being shipped and chronic errors being made. Jack Everson was able to help me implement systems and team meetings to increase communication and procedures that corrected these problems. Jack gave me the help i needed to hire the right people for the right places. He was able to put a dash board document in place so I can see what our company is doing in all areas while i am on the road making sales calls.

I now have an attendance policy with a bonus for good attendance, a predetermined profit and pay for performance policies that will help the company become more profitable and many other systems to help our team bring more dollars to our bottom line. I really feel like I got my life back and can’t thank American Management enough for all the help they have provided me over the last several months.

I appreciate the work done by your senior consultant Jack Everson, and the Group Manager, Herb Bachelder.

Our expectations have been met in an efficient and professional manner and I will be happy to recommend the services of your firm and your consulting team to any prospective client.



Kindest Regards.

Barbara Pauls


Mid-America Taping and Reeling, INC.

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