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Monroe Extinguisher Co., Inc.

Monroe Extinguisher Co., Inc.

Monroe Fire ExtinguisherI am writing to inform you of the satisfaction I have for the work performed by your firm for my two companies; Monroe Extinguisher Co., Inc and Monroe Kitchen Equipment, Inc. We are all what you call repeaters, having had your firm in here back in 1998, I decided because of some change in management, that we needed a refresher course.

The program started in January 2012, and I am happy to say that Senior Consultant, Craig Clark and Group Manager, Herb Bachelder did a wonderful job. They worked closely with all my managers to set and make progress towards our goals. We needed to re-implement a predetermined profit plan, which we started years ago, but had somewhat fallen by the wayside.

Overall there has been an obvious improvement in all facets of our business which will ultimately make a major impact on our rate of return. We wish to thank you and your team for their help and direction to move our firm forward to a more operational and profitable position. It would be our pleasure to highly recommend American Management Services to a prospective client.

Thomas J. Curtin, President
Monroe Extinguisher Co., Inc.
Monroe Kitchen Equipment, Inc.
105 Dodge Street P.O. Box 60980
Rochester, NY 14606

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