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Do You Respect What You See In the Mirror?

American Management Services, IncBusiness ManagementDo You Respect What You See In the Mirror?

When was the last time you, as the owner of your business, looked at yourself in the mirror? Many owners don’t, and have become complacent as a result.  We call this Dumb, Fat & Happy (DFH  Syndrome), and here’s why.

Every day we here at American Management Services talk to hundreds of business owners, and every day we find that owners refuse to look themselves in the mirror. Despite their numerous reasons and excuses, I’ve found that too many owners have become complacent, content, and I hate to say, lazy (DFH Syndrome).

More and more folks refuse to get out from behind their desks and lead their organizations by example, and it’s killing the effectiveness of their business! When we challenge our clients to look themselves in the mirror, it’s not to make sure they’ve shaved before work; it’s to remind themselves that “if you’re not leading your company with a hundred percent passion, effort, desire, and enjoyment, then what are you doing?”

If you want to hold your folks accountable, then you have to start by holding yourself accountable. That means looking at yourself in the mirror and asking: Should I be leading my business? Am I guiding it properly? Am I the first one through the fire every day? Am I the last one out at night? Am I bringing my A-Game to the office every single day?

When you look in that mirror, are you seeing a winner and a champion, or are you seeing an at-leaster or an average-person? Do you have what it takes to hold yourself accountable? Take that person you see and really push him, or her, to their maximum potential? You’ll never get it from your employees, if you can’t get it from yourself, and if you’re struggling to hold yourself to a higher standard, consider the following:

  • Pay yourself, based on the results of the company. Stop paying yourself as if you’re an employee with a salary, and start basing your pay on the results of your organization. Drop your salary to zero, and pay yourself based on a percentage of the cash-profit the business is making (not accrual-profit). There is no greater motivator than a lightened wallet, and if your business is under performing, you will feel it financially as a result.
  • Hold yourself accountable to a board of trusted advisors. Most owners hate this idea, because it defeats the freedom of owning a business, but answering to a board is one of the most effective ways of holding yourself accountable! Your board of advisors should be made up of 2-3 experienced business owners who you know have had significant success, and are willing to give honest insights and opinions about you and your organization. I would never use members of your staff, including accountants or lawyers.

If you are struggling to “Look in the mirror,” motivate yourself, drive results in your business, or want some advice to help you grow your organization, feel free to message me @MoscaSmallBiz, or call 800-743-0402. I’d love to hear from you.

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