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Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Identifying Business Needs and Solutions to Improve Profits, Cash Flow, and Management

Business AnalysisA business analysis is the discipline of identifying business needs and solutions to problems. Using a proprietary system American Management Services has analyzed over 9,000 businesses across the United States.

  • Our business analyst performs a competitive analysis of your business vs. peer businesses performing in the top twenty-five percent of your industry.
  • We identify strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to operations, management, and most importantly, their corresponding relationship to profits.
  • We quantify the potential benefits that will result from the corrective action taken by you, our client, in addressing those issues in terms of dollar savings, organizational effectiveness and ease of operations.

Whether you’ve got yourself in a dire situation that requires immediate and definitive action, or you simply want to make your already successful company more successful, we can assist you. Our emphasis is on getting quick, measurable results by working closely with ownership. Because you are the expert in your business we work directly with you taking in your expertise and combining it with our knowledge of improved profits. We assist with developing, designing, and as needed, implementing permanent changes. It is our goal to build skills, commitment and consensus, enhance management control, and increase the likelihood of a successful turnaround where necessary or to sustain profit and cash flow improvements for already successful businesses.

We’ve been providing management consulting services for small businesses and increasing profits for more than 30 years, and draw from that experience to help you achieve your immediate and long-term business goals. We help you refocus and stabilize your business on the key issues that will establish total accountability throughout your organization, implementing profits and cash flow.


  • INCREASE cash flow and REDUCE bank borrowings
  • ESTABLISH cash management solutions
  • REEVALUATE business plans
  • DEVELOP and implement profit improvement for ownership and senior management
  • INFLUENCE and IMPLEMENT long-term strategies for sustained business growth in profits and revenues, and quality of life for ownership
  • PROVIDE training, coaching and education to assure generational transitions are seamless

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