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Guest Speaking

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George Cloutier - Featured Guest Speaker at business eventWhile delivering effective business improvement and turnaround solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, the executive team of American Management Services has also educated and entertained trade groups, industry associations and local city small businesses through guest speaking and keynote events. With a focus on motivating and inspiring an audience, our topics include:

Profits First is a hard-cutting, unadulterated talk about the truths of business ownership, for both the aspiring and established business owner. Based on the New York Times Best Seller List book “Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the Only Thing” by George Cloutier. Best Suited for owners, managers and associations

How to Handle a Dying Economy is an insightful look at the recent economic recession, its impact on business, and a discussion on how to best weather an economic storm. Best Suited for owners, managers and associations

Drive Sales is designed to motivate your management and sales team with this blunt, no holds-barred talk on how to drive sales and increase performance. Best Suited for owners, managers, associations, sales teams and staff

Pay for Performance is a focused look at best management and ownership practices, specifically aimed at improving employee output. “Pay for Performance” is a motivational tool that gives employees incentives for exceptional performance, and discourages lackluster productiveness. Best Suited for owners, managers and associations

Business Management: Democracy vs. Dictatorship asks “What kind of leader are you, and how do you think you should manage your team?” In the Democracy vs. Dictatorship Business Management discussion, we define the two management methodologies, explain their benefits and disadvantages, and inspire our audience to take control of their team, applying these lessons to their company culture. Best Suited for owners, managers, associations, aspiring leaders and staff

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