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Inventory Management with American Management ServicesInventory Management involves a deep understanding and supervision of all assets and stock items within a business. Through a well maintained process of stock control, quality control and cycle counting, business owners are able to accurately gauge the inventory needs of both their business and their customers, in a perfect world.

Many business owners struggle to accurately keep track of their inventory, which is why so many books have been written on the subject, and applications have been developed, to help handle inventory issues. Despite the availability of these numerous resources, many owners discover that there isn’t a “One solution for all” way of handling inventory, and desperately need a simplified solution.

To properly handle the inventory needs of a business, an owner must be able to understand and answer questions including:

  • How often does your inventory turn?
  • How does seasonality impact inventory control and turns?
  • How do customer requirements impact stock inventory?
  • How are you handling inventory costs, and how do you fund it?

The inventory management professionals of American Management Services have guided numerous businesses in manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, and retail industries. With a focus on helping businesses avoid incremental costs from line of credit borrowing, training staff thoroughly on how to handle emergency orders, and to maximize turns/margins, our direction is to install a profits first mentality

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