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Money Management   

Over 30-years of Cash Flow Management Consulting

Money Management - American Management ServicesWhether you are a new or established business owner, you simply cannot have “too much” liquidity in your company. Cash is king, and yet many businesses struggle to establish and maintain a proper flow of money within their company.

Proper cash management should be tied to the following:

  • A/R Collection Program
  • Constant effort to reduce fixed costs
  • Revenue Generating Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Formal Credit and Collection Policies
  • Expense Controls
  • Capital Expense Requirements
  • Line of Credit (LOC) Availability

Though establishing a Line of Credit (LOC) is a valuable tool that can help with the liquidity and operation of your business, it is not your money, and should be treated as such. The cash management professionals of American Management Services will help establish a functional cash flow and develop the steps needed to implement this as a valuable daily management tool!

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