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Turnaround Consulting and Crisis Management Services

When things have gone south, your back is against the wall and you need actionable guidance to save your business

The turnaround consulting and crisis management professionals of American Management Services have seen it all. Clients who have lost their lines of credit, cannot afford payroll, behind on paying their bills and vendors, some on the verge of closing their doors forever.

Through an effective analysis and planning processes, our turnaround consultants have returned numerous companies to a healthy position, helping them identify and address the key issues in their operations. Each executable turnaround strategy is developed for the specific needs of the individual business, and includes a focus on:

  • Cash Generation and Cash Flow Management
    • Determine immediate cash flow needs
    • Gain immediate control of cash, increasing receipts
    • Drive top line revenue
    • Acceleration of collections processes
    • Renegotiate debt payments
    • Term out payables
  • Business Development
    • Sales Development – “Raise the Bridge”
    • Crisis Management – “Lower the Water”
    • Meeting and negotiating with banks, financial institutions, vendors and landlords
    • Eliminate non-profitable business segments or customers
  • Staff Management and Development
    • Employee evaluation, performance appraisal, performance metrics and rightsizing when necessary, including a focus on accountability processes for ownership, management and staff
    • Employee education and training

If you are one of the thousands of small or medium-sized businesses struggling to compete in your industry, and feeling the strain of an uncertain future, the turnaround consulting and crisis management professionals of American Management Services are ready to help you bring your business back from the brink.

We encourage not waiting until it’s too late to get the professional assistance you need and deserve.

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