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Shea Trucking, Air Freight and Ocean Freight Specialists, gives testimonial for American Management ServicesWe have had the opportunity to work with American Management Services over the last several months and AMS has helped us to recognize that changes were necessary, and then helped us to implement the changes so that we can build our profits in the years to come.

AMS worked with us in many areas, but some of the most important changes were:

  • Business Segment Focus – We now have a better handle on the profitability of our business segments and it is clear that the container business is unprofitable. We are adjusting our focus and are either increasing pricing or moving away from the container business as quickly as possible.
  • Operational Changes – Emphasis to get our Drivers out sooner by adding a Yard Jockey to stage trucks, a Fueling Service to reduce driver downtime, and monitoring the Driver time out of our Yard.
  • Organizational Changes – AMS has worked with us to rethink our organization to use our talents more effectively.
  • Sales Focus – As a result of our new knowledge of our business segment profitability, we are implementing a focus on non-container business and I am changing my responsibilities so that much of my time will be spent in the senior sales role.
  • Metrics of Business Profitability – We now have operational measures to plan, monitor and gauge the success of our work. These include our Cash Forecasting spreadsheet, Measures of Driver Overtime, Weekly and Cumulative assessment of Sales per Driver Hour measured against our Breakeven and Profit.
  • We can now reward our people in a way that ties into their ability to increase sales, reduce driver cost and reduce operational expense.

I feel that these changes will result in a profit increase of about $2,359,000 over the next three years, a benefit that far exceeds the cost of the program.

We appreciate the work done by your senior consultant, Michael Crane, and the group leader, David Corso.

Our expectations have been met in an efficient and professional manner and I will be happy to recommend the services of your firm and your consulting team to any prospective client.

Richard Shea, President
Shea Trucking
(631) 756-7150
1600 New Highway Suite 4
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Shea Trucking

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