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How Does A Small Business Keep Profits Up?

American Management Services, IncBusinessHow Does A Small Business Keep Profits Up?

How does a small business keep profits up?

It’s all about having a clear financial AND operational plan. Let’s take a look at this case study:

Here’s a business that’s been losing money by the fistful even though sales have been consistent at $6 million a year. Second-generation owner, a bright and dedicated woman named Alice, just can’t seem to keep track of all the cash that’s bleeding out of the business. The cost of running her company is out of control, and she has no idea why.

Like so many small business owners, Alice’s approach has been to compensate for the rising business costs by focusing on sales. BUT no matter how many new clients she brings in, the company can’t seem to get ahead. She blames the economy, her bank, and everything and everyone but herself. She’s ignoring the fact that she has serious profit leaks, and she’s not looking hard enough to find their source. What Alice needs is an ironclad fiscal and operational plan! Business owners always like to say they have a real plan, but few actually do.

STOP! Are you taking your profits from the leftovers???

“Most companies estimate sales, usually too optimistically, then go department by department to figure out the cost of those sales before arriving at the bottom number—the profit. Profits become the leftovers from sales. They come last. Well, we advocate putting profits first!”

Small business owners must look at what their profit margin should be based on; a realistic estimate of sales – and then bank that money at the beginning of the financial year. Every year, they should set aside, let’s say $600,000. That is the profit that goes to the house, and it is not to be touched. The remaining $5.4 million is the money Alice has left over to operate her business, and she absolutely cannot spend more.

This small business owner needs to let her employees know that their department budget must be airtight. Department heads who go over budget WILL be held accountable, and those who manage to save money will be rewarded. Like the family that sets a $1,000 monthly budget for their expenses, compromises and sacrifices will have to be made.

Alice will also have to change her ways. There’s no room for fuzzy math or self-deluding assumptions in a plan that puts profits first. She needs to keep a close watch on all the cash that’s going out. Already, she’s found some cash leaks in her purchasing department, which has been habitually over-ordering the most expensive paper stock, even as demand for the fanciest stationary has been dropping. As the year goes on, we are confident that Alice, with a clear profit goal in mind, will find more ways to save on costs and even exceed her 10% profit margin. Her offices are too big. Staff and supplies could easily manage with a third less space. If she negotiates with her landlord and relocates to a smaller space in the industrial park where the company is based, she’ll be able to shave at least $35,000 off her operating costs.

No Excuse for Failure

With such a plan in place, business owners have no excuse for failure, because the financial and operational goals of your business are all laid out by the numbers at the beginning of the year. Employees have their marching orders written in black and white, which you can refer them to from time to time. It’s all about discipline. Hold yourself and your staff accountable for profits and adjust costs daily. Cut ruthlessly to earn, and prosper.

Trust me, you’ll learn to live without when you see that healthy bank statement at the end of the year.

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