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Mid-America Taping and Reeling

“I really feel like I got my life back and can’t thank American Management enough for all the help they have provided me over the last several months.” I wish to commend your management consulting team at American Management Services who, through a comprehensive project have postured my company for a very bright future. Your

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Disregard Your Financials: Cash Is All That Matters!

I had a contractor client once, who built relatively low-end homes, and whose revenue had dropped from $300 million a year, to $60 million. Despite the substantial drop in revenue, he still appeared to be profitable even at $60 million. When we started to discuss his financial condition, he had about $1.5 million of cash

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Finding and Retaining Winners In Your Business

Do you think anyone would give a damn about folks like LeBron James and Michael Jordan if they were not proficient at winning? Would anyone care if they arrived early to every practice, put in the extra effort, had a great attitude, and were “team players,” if they weren’t winners? No one would care! The

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Your Business Depends on Net Neutrality

UPDATE: While this piece was written in July 2017, the fight to keep Net Neutrality still rages on today. This will not affect you, but a loss of Net Neutrality may have ramifications on your small business. From paying more to losing potential clients, here’s why Net Neutrality is so important. As a business owner,

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Before You Take On A Business Partner, Read This!

Business Partnerships suck, don’t do them. As blunt as that statement might be, it’s a fact that once you’ve brought outside individuals into your business, whether they be family or other, you are begging for problems in your organization. It’s no secret that I’m a firm believer in the best business partner being yourself, and though

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Petrillo Stone Corp.

“With the help of American Management Services, Inc., we have put in place key tools and processes to increase our level of profitability, team performance, and the accountability of our employees. “ I would like to commend the work and efforts of your organization to Petrillo Stone Corporation over the course of the last seven

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Finding Good People: Are You Offering A Job, Or A Career?

Finding Good People: Are You Offering A Job, Or A Career? To the business owner wondering why they can’t find the “Right person” for a position on their staff; try looking at your business through the eyes of your prospective employees. Most owners interview to fill slots in their organizations, then wonder why those employees

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Advanced Lubrication Specialties

Advanced Lubrication Specialties "American Management Services assisted us in restructuring our organization to improve accountability and decision-making." The survey and management consulting project conducted by your team at American Management Services has been very beneficial for the future of Advanced Lubrication Specialties. Your consultants, Jim Linkenauger and Bob Lamp helped us implement and plan the [...]

Sales Team Management: You’re Being Too Nice

Sales Team Management: You’re Being Too Nice Effective sales team management requires motivation, accountability, and protecting the intellectual property of your business. If you’re not feeling good about the results from your sales efforts, it may be time to accept one cold-hard reality. If you are not feeling good about the results of your sales

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