Have A Troublesome Customer? It Might Be Time to Fire Them.

American Management Services, IncBusiness ManagementHave A Troublesome Customer? It Might Be Time to Fire Them.

Have A Troublesome Customer? It Might Be Time to Fire Them.

Dealing with a troublesome customer can be rough, but if you are losing time, effort, energy and money, it’s time for you to move on.

Are you struggling with a troublesome customer? It might be time to fire them.Do you have a customer who is starting to feel like more of an inconvenience than an asset for your business? If so, it might be time to take charge and assess your relationship, to determine if this customer has lost their value.

Every customer deserves world class service, but their relationship to you, and your business, must offer reciprocal benefits; including proper margins, respect, and clearly-defined payment terms. If these benefits are in question, consider the amount of ROI you are receiving for:

  • Time, Effort and Energy: How much are they demanding from you and your staff, and how is this affecting your bottom line? Could your time be better spent seeking a more profitable customer, or two?A way to test this time is by keeping a log, or time sheet, that you can use to compare against your profitable customers. If you are seeing a disproportionate number on a regular basis, it may be time to move on.
  • Money: Are you losing money servicing this customer? It’s the most important question of all, and if they have become a demanding drain on your cash flow, then close the account today! Losing money to keep a customer defeats the purpose of having one to begin with.

In my experience, if you are losing time, effort, energy, and money to making a troublesome customer happy, then you have one of three choices to make: Do nothing and complain about it; sit down with the customer and negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement; or FIRE THEM.

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