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Working With American Management Services

What does the management consulting process look like when you start working with a company?

We do a two step process, we expect no one to go to step two. The first step is The Business Survey, an analysis of your business where we come in for five or ten days to look at your company. We will hold you accountable for what’s going on in your organization. We look at how you do everything, from sales, to bids, to estimating. We look at everything you do, with an eye on “can we poke holes in it” and make recommendations to help you improve it.

After our recommendations are made and the company wants our help, we start the consulting phase. We look at how you do what you do, with an eye on how we can help you improve sales, profits and cashflow, and make ownerships life better. The only thing the owner has to do is commit to the time, energy and desire to want to improve.

Everyone wants to change until change shows up at the doorstep, and because we’re all creatures of habit, we don’t want to change. “When things go wrong in my world and at work, and I have to go left instead of right, it gives me an ulcer. But I have to do it.” says Louis Mosca. So our role at American Management Services with your business is to affect cultural change. If the business isn’t performing where it should, there’s a reason.

About one third of our clients are extraordinarily successful and always want to stay that way. About two thirds are in trouble and want to get out of it. Sometimes it’s too late.

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