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Since 1986 American Management Services has been working with thousands of small to medium-sized companies across 400 industries, helping them achieve their full business potential. We employ over 120 business improvement professionals, all seasoned executives, who specialize in turnaround management, profit improvement, cash management, sales development, business and succession planning and strategic planning throughout the United States.

Our mission is to pinpoint the key issues and concerns faced by small to medium-sized business’, to convince ownership to confront those problems and their real costs, to assist client management in developing and implementing the necessary programs, methods and procedures which will result in improved sales, profits and organizational effectiveness.

If you are a business owner, who is committed to increasing the sales, profits or cash flow of your business, American Management Services can help guide you to success. We deliver “Results, not Reports.”

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Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the Only Thing

Featured on the New York Times Best Seller List, “Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the Only Thing,” is a wake-up call to small business owners everywhere. George Cloutier’s controversial rules for doing business aren’t taught at Harvard Business School, and in this book he serves up the hard-boiled truth to aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

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For Qualifying Business Owners

“Cloutier will show you no mercy with his tough-hitting questions and no-holds-barred action steps”

– John Resnick
Legends of Success

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We are American Management Services, Inc, and we are seeking business professionals who have the depth of experience, knowledge and skills necessary to help small and medium-sized businesses become more profitable and succeed.