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George Cloutier

George Cloutier

Author, Speaker, Philanthropist & Small Business Expert

George Cloutier's College PhotoGeorge Cloutier is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School, and founder American Management Services. He has pioneered successful financial turnaround management and profit improvement strategies for small and mid-sized privately owned companies throughout the nation, and dedicated his life to philanthropic pursuits.

Using just $42,000 in seed capital in 1986, Cloutier built his company into an organization of over 120 employees, and tens of millions in annual revenue. Since then, Cloutier and American Management Services has worked with approximately 7000 clients in 400 industries and has implemented over $1 BILLION in profits and savings. American Management Services continues to bring hundreds of businesses back from the brink of bankruptcy to top tier profitability.

Cloutier has developed his pioneering views over the last 30 plus years on small and midsize business, profits, and the failure of government to assist them. A vocal proponent of business strategy development, he can often be found on national media, as seen in the AP, New York Times, Fortune,, Entrepreneur, amongst many others. His commentary reaches listeners in hundreds of cities, in radio broadcasts from the Wall Street Journal and Legends of Success programming.

George Cloutier gives speech at Boston University.A nationally recognized speaker, Cloutier lectures at dozens of conferences and seminars on the path to real business profitability. Harper Collins, purchased his book on small business, “Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the Only Thing”, which was published in September 2009, and hit all the nation’s major bestseller lists including The New York Times, Amazon, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal (available now, on

Cloutier co-founded and serves as Co-Chairman of Partner America™, a unique, public/private partnership between the United States Conference of Mayors and American Management Services that is dedicated to small and mid-sized business growth in the nation’s metro economies. Formed in 2000, the program is the nation’s first small business resource initiative, providing business management expertise, technical assistance, education and government procurement opportunities to help grow small businesses across the country.

Cloutier’s business expertise has also been tapped by large publicly traded companies. He served as Vice Chairman on Circon Corporation’s board of directors, and in 1999 was called upon to serve as lead director and interim CEO to navigate its turnaround during the highly publicized and what was considered to be, the longest running hostile takeover bid in American business. After taking over as CEO, he managed to negotiate a successful deal with Maxxim Medical and produced nearly 200% profit for Circon shareholders. This hostile takeover attempt and Cloutier’s quick successful resolution has become a landmark subject of the Corporate Governance course at Harvard Business School.

George Cloutier gives speech at Tulane In recognition for his dedication to small and mid-sized business, Cloutier has been presented The Small Business Advocate and The Small Business Leadership Awards on behalf of small business owners on a local, state, and federal level. He also was awarded The Minority Business Development Agency Award, for being a critical partner in America’s economic success. In 2007, Cloutier was given The Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Tulane University A. B. Freeman School of Business for his contribution and fundraising assistance in developing a student based ‘Peace Corps’ style ‘Small Business Corps’ to assist businesses affected by Hurricane Katrina. Dozens of cities across the nation have also awarded him small business achievement awards.

Mr. Cloutier is an active philanthropist whose donations to a myriad of charities total millions of dollars. Cloutier is a trustee of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and is a former director of the Wellness Community. He frequently donates his time, efforts, and money to a full roster of national and local charities, including organizations such as Achilles Track Club, which helps disabled Iraqi War Veterans, the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club of Boston, Palm Beach, and Nantucket, Easter Seals, United Cerebral Palsy, The Ally Foundation, National Museum of Washington, National Museum of Women, Nantucket Hospital Endowment, AUA Education and Research and the Alzheimer’s Community West Palm Beach Charitable Organization.

George Cloutier at Red Sox gameToday, Cloutier is known as the leading small business expert. Leading economic, media, and political professionals from around the world frequently solicit his advice on profit issues faced by small and mid-cap companies. He has become a regular on national television programs such as, Fox News, Fox Business News, ABC’s 20/20, MSNBC’s Squawk Box, CNBC and Bloomberg Television.

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