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Profit Improvement

Profit Improvement through Strategic Business Evaluation and Planning

Increasing Cash Flow, Improving Operational Effectiveness and Promoting Small and Medium-Sized Business Growth for over 30 years

The Profit Improvement professionals of American Management Services have been helping businesses get back on track through strategic business evaluation, appraisal and performance improvements designed and tailored to their specific industries and needs. Successful profit improvement points of focus include:

  • Increasing employee productivity through evaluation and training
  • Through a solid inventory management process, increasing inventory turns will generate incremental profit and cash
  • Training, training and training
  • Proper daily and weekly controls in place to measure all key aspects of your business
  • Establishment of a PDP (Pre-Determined Profit) Plan
  • Implement PFP (Pay For Performance) Plan

Our philosophy of pre-determined profit focuses on a profits first strategy which is 110% opposite of a residual budgeting approach. As an owner, your leadership and commitment to maximizing profit will pay dividends to you, your family, your vendors, customers and the community around you.

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